Natural Solutions to Menopause

Natural Solutions to Menopause

18th-21st October 2018

Hotel BonSol

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is a leading nutritionist specialising in women’s healthcare. Author of many books on hormone imbalance including Natural Solutions to Menopause, she has helped countless women like you to overcome the distressing symptoms of “the change”.
Is this retreat for you? It is if you are plagued with menopausal symptoms and concerns which may include

– Raging hot sweats, day and night (like you want to rip all of your clothes off and roll in snow)
– Inexplicable fatigue
– Mood swings like it’s PMS all over again
– Headaches
– Loss of libido, not helped by vaginal dryness
– Unpredictable bouts of heavy bleeding
– Worries about osteopenia and osteoporosis
– Weight gain, especially around the middle
– Questions about HRT. If not HRT, what else can alleviate your symptoms?
– What is bio-identical hormone therapy and is it a good thing or not?
– Soya. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

physical symptoms but the “change” of life can be a mournful time. The passing of youth and fertility and a move into old age. Women can often feel less attractive and may be concerned that they will no longer be visually or sexually appealing.

These are all aspects of the menopause that Dr Marilyn Glenville and her team of personally-mentored, skilled and empathetic nutritionists completely understand – and some have experienced themselves. When you join them on this potentially life-changing Wellbeing Retreat you will be delighted to hear that they have good news, too! They know that if you feel better physically then you will feel better mentally and emotionally, too. They know that 55 is the new 35.

There’s no reason that you should pop your slippers on and take up knitting just because you’ve reached the menopause. You have so much more life to live, so much to give to yourself and your loved ones. You may find that when you get home you are more vigorous, energetic, healthy and yes, sexy, than ever before.

If your only question is when, where and how soon, then this is the Wellbeing Retreat for you. You will finally get relief from troublesome menopausal symptoms (which are all quite curable, by the way) and be supercharged into the next exciting phase of your life.

The Programme

– Arrival
– Rooms will be ready to check in from 3pm but why not arrive early and start enjoying all the amazing sports and leisure facilities on offer?
– Early evening welcome meeting and dinner in the gourmet restaurant

– Kick start your day with a yoga or Pilates lesson
– Join Dr Glenville for a half-day seminar on Natural Solutions to the Menopause
– A fun and informative talk on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet
– The rest of the day is yours to spend relaxing by the pool, having a game of squash or tennis, or working out in the fitness room

– How will you start the day? With a work out in the fitness room, a swim or a yoga lesson?
– Half day seminar on Natural Solutions to the Menopause with Marilyn
– Informal, fun and interactive food demo hosted by the Glenville Nutrition team
– Feel like exploring? The island’s vibrant capital, Palma, is only a short drive away
– If you’d rather relax, have a pampering face or body treatment in the fabulous Nirvana Spa

– Departure – unless you choose to extend your stay
– Rooms to be vacated by noon but please feel free to stay all day and use the facilities

Running order may be subject to change

Private Consultations

Depending upon availability you may be able to book a private, one-to-one consultation with Dr Glenville or one of her team which will take place at some point during the Wellbeing Retreat. There is always a high demand for these appointments which are booked on a first come, first served basis and are subject to an additional cost.

Please enquire with Glenville Customer Services by emailing and advising her of the retreat that you are attending.

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